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Klean Kanteen® Stainless Steel Water Bottle is made of 100% recyclable, high-quality, food grade #304 stainless steel so it doesn’t need a special lining like some other metal bottles. It’s completely BPA-free and won’t leach chemicals, toxins, or funky flavors into your water, juice, smoothie, or drink of choice.

  • No lining and BPA-free as it's made from high-quality stainless steel.
  • Eco-friendly, it's reusable and made of 100% recyclable stainless steel
  • Slim design fits most bottle/cup holders (except the 40oz)
  • Large-mouth: 1.75" (44 mm) in diameter, makes it easy to pour in ice-cubes
  • Easy to clean - just scrub it out or load in dishwasher
  • The 18oz fits into most standard bike cage. For the 27oz, check out Kanteen® bike cage
Accessories for 27oz Kanteens:
  • Built NY ™ Insulating Totes
    • Stain resistant - Machine wash cold - Drip dry
    • Made from neoprene (the wetsuit material)
    • Keep your drinks warm or cool up to 4 hours
Size Capacity Weight H x W (w/o cap)
40 oz (1182 ml) 40 fluid ounces 11 ounces 10.625"x 3.5"
27 oz (800 ml) 27 fluid ounces 8 ounces 10.5" x 2.75"
18 oz (532 ml) 18 fluid ounces 6 ounces 7" x 2.75"

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